Due to the Quasi-success of my previous flash "A brief lesson in history", i am considering doing a second historical flash. I'm willing to accept voice actors and artists. The idea is that of the Alamo, looking at it from both sides of the fight. If anyone is interested, PM me, and i'll make sure we get to work on this project.


Though I'm not great at drawing, I am a fairly adequate story teller. That being said, I WILL need, in the near future, a team of collaborators to help in the storytelling to make a good story work. That being said, I want to show some concepts that might be of interest.

Diablo Series: I and II

Based VERY LOOSELY off the popular games, it follows the story line of both one and two, but, let's face it, on its own, the story is pretty weak. Therefore, I am in the early stages of planning to make a series, much like a TV series, where the characters are more than just a bunch of moving images on the screen.

I will need for this project:
A Flash Artist
An Adequate Programmer
8 Voice Actors (3 female, 5 male)

Last Day of Tomorrow

Set in modern times, Iran's alarming nuclear tests hit its peak when it steals essential parts needed from Russian Nuclear Silos to make a nuclear war head. As the tensions mount, Terrorist groups around the world begin to converge and attacks happen across the world. As a last resort, the United States decides, on its own accord, to enter Iran now that Iraqi forces are no longer priority.

For this i need:
A Flash Artist
4 voice actors (3 male, 1 female)


Using the play for my script, i intended to make the play for the class in flash form. i barely got pass act 1, scene 2. So, I will need a bit of help as well with that.

For this i need:
Two Flash Artists
An Adequate Programmer
13 voice actors (10 male, 3 female)

If ANY of these projects interest you, post a comment. Don't go and post a comment to talk about how stupid it might be to do these ideas. Should you want to contact me, my E-mail is Nerdrap@hotmail.com.

Thank you for reading, please help me with these projects, and VIVRE LA COMMUNISME!