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Hawke vs. Shepard Hawke vs. Shepard

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Money's on Hawke

Cuz...she's a...reaper? ...And Shepard isn't...a dark...spawn...or...bandit...

Jokette Jokette

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Now that you've done that...

Write and illustrate a batman chronicle with a female AND male joker.

If you can't write, i'll do the writing. but if you can, GO AND MAKE A GOOD JOKER-ON-JOKER BATMAN GANGBANG!


Matricide Matricide

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Pain and suffering, ftw.

I understand (obviously) that this work is very much about destruction and suffering, yet i still really can't grasp the fact it's mother nature. Of course, not degrading the fact that you're being subtle about it, But i just feel that this work of art can just be translated into pain and suffering.

That one guy who said it was Freudian...priceless.

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Azurenex responds:

yes, indeed it could mean a lot of things. and infact does. all living things are one and actions effect the whole of life.

as for the freudian thing, i dont get it... lol.

Slackjaw Slackjaw

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Ever consider making Death Metal Album Covers if you don't already?

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ghlow responds:

I'd love to do that sort of thing. I'm going to major in illustration at SCAD <3.